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At Door Creek Church, we believe baptism is a celebration of faith that Jesus specifically asked His followers to participate in. In fact, Jesus himself was baptized! Here's more information about what baptisms look like at Door Creek Church.


The Parent Child Dedication is a special ceremony in which parents make public their commitment to train their children to know, love and follow Jesus. Here's more information on Parent Child Dedications at Door Creek Church.


At Door Creek Church, we believe a God-honoring marriage goes well beyond the wedding day. We are committed to helping you plan and experience a wonderful wedding and a healthy and loving gospel-centered marriage. Door Creek Church offers a variety of venues and options for weddings. Here's more information on getting married at Door Creek Church.


We know that those who love Jesus will experience an eternity of joy in Heaven. While we celebrate that fact, we can't help but grieve our own earthly loss. Door Creek Church welcomes you in your time of loss and will walk along side you as you honor the life of your loved one. For information on funerals, contact the church directly at 608.222.8586

* Please see our care and support groups for options to connect and get support from others who are going through hard times or loss.